CIOReview Awards Curate Insights Most Promising Insight Engines 2023

CIOReview Awards Curate Insights Most Promising Insight Engines 2023

Curate Insights Award

[Boston, M.A.- September 20, 2023] – As the digital business ecosystem evolves, a divide has emerged between the views on technology's limitations and analytics outcomes. Many leaders in the tech industry see analytics as merely an adjunct to IT, while analytics experts often point fingers at IT for lagging data delivery. Curate Insights emerges as the beacon to bridge this chasm, transforming and empowering analytics intelligence. 

Dan Foley, co-founder and CEO of Curate Insights, comments, "At the heart of every organization lies the untapped data that's key to driving pivotal decisions and business triumphs. We're here to harness that potential, ensuring top-tier revenue growth and efficiency enhancements." 

Introducing Accelerated Insights 4 ALL (AI-4-All): This revolutionary solution is designed to sync analytics results with rapid data provisioning. The strength of AI-4-All is derived from a vast data product and model library, encompassing various sectors, including education, healthcare, finance, and energy. Its prowess doesn't stop there. With seamless GPT integration, robust model creation, accurate predictive features, and an innovative data marketplace, it solidifies its position as the gold standard in analytics tools. 

John Edmonds, co-founder & Managing Partner of Curate Insights, elaborates, "Our blueprint revolves around melding analytic models with data products. It's about enriching digital experiences, ensuring tangible value, and, with AI-4-All, placing paramount importance on results and value recognition." 

At its core, the Curate Insights' solution has an Insight Engine, a comprehensive tool that refines the data science and AI process. Ensuring data of the highest caliber and integrity, the company also delves deep into data profiling, granting businesses the clarity needed for decisive actions. 

Curate Insights doesn’t merely stop at offering tools. They're committed to guiding clients in establishing formidable data quality measures, governance frameworks, and efficient data delivery methods. 

Dubbed the 'blue lobster' of the data world, Curate Insights seamlessly connects digital, data, technology, and analytics threads, unlocking pivotal insights that propel businesses forward. This commitment to excellence is paired with a philanthropic spirit; the company channels a part of its earnings into community-focused projects, like the One-to-One Project, and offers training via the Insights-to-Innovation Lab. 

As Curate Insights continues to guide a multitude of clients through the intricate maze of data and AI, the dynamic duo, Edmonds and Foley, are gearing up to confront the ethical and practical challenges of AI, armed with their groundbreaking Insights Engine and unparalleled analytical acumen.

About Curate Insights:  

Curate Insights empowers organizations to find the unknown in their data. We specialize in the design, delivery, and adoption of impactful data products that yield actionable results and drive immediate business value. As a mission driven data and analytics consultancy, we collaborate with leading organizations to deliver innovative strategies that enable rare insight discovery and fuel unique digital transformation.  


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