Who We AreCurate Insights is a mission-driven data and analytics enablement firm

Our Capabilities:

Transform your business to be data-driven through flexible, actionable, governed information supply chain and cloud capabilities.

Effectively implement and operationalize analytic capabilities to drive transformational insights.

Our Mission:

We believe that as businesses thrive, so too should their communities. For every project that Curate Insights performs, a portion of our proceeds, time, or expertise, will be re-invested back into the communities we serve via our “One-to-One Project”. As a result, the Curate Insights vision for success not only entails the harnessing of data to deliver successful growth for our clients, but also a greater good for society.


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Modern customer expectations are requiring businesses to leverage data-driven insights to inform near constant evolution and innovation.

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Businesses strain to meet these expectations under the weight of antiquated business processes & architecture, messy & siloed data, and cultural challenges related to change and adoption.

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Curate Insights leverages our diverse blend of backgrounds, skills, experiences, passions, and creativity to understand and support your unique transformation to becoming insight driven.

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Much like the blue lobster – exceedingly rare and treasured…

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We deliver that extremely rare find – the convergence of data, analytics, and your unique value proposition to discover insights that fuel your growth.

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Our Framework

We help our clients realize insights by bridging the gap between data and analytics

Our ServicesA holistic portfolio of strategy, engineering, and operationalization capabilities that harness data and enable analytics to drive growth

Data & Analytics Strategy Roadmap

It all starts with strategy! We believe that instead of starting with data, every organization should start with strategy to lay out the plan to become data-driven

Data & Analytics Maturity Assessment

Assessing the path, and laying out an accelerated plan, to data driven decision making and the evolution of critical analytic capabilities within the organization

Modern Data & Analytics Platform

On-prem, Cloud native, or hybrid Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and Data Marts unified and working in harmony as single platform.

Analytics Use Case Generation, Planning, and POC Execution

Selecting the right use cases for experimentation is the key. We will help you develop and implement use cases that are pragmatic and value-driven

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Reference Architecture

In order to successfully institutionalize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we help enable all the required components to ensure effective development, testing, maintenance, and refinement.

Advanced Analytics Adoption

In order to achieve transformational maturity an enterprise must consider the impacts and unique challenges of adoption from board room to back office.

Data Monetization and Value Identification

Modern business models expect data to drive monetary or operational value from multiple purposes beyond the reason it was initially collected.

Data Literacy, Skills Assessment, and Re-training

Recognizing and supporting the evolution of your people and culture is critical and can be enabled via training and re-skilling that is custom tailored for each organization leveraging industry specific applications

Data Pipeline Build

Collect, clean, and harmonize all of your data in a unified fashion, using an industry leading data pipeline orchestration framework

Data Architecture, Lineage, & Catalog

Modern capabilities to define data requirements, guide data integration, track and manage data assets, and enable efficient data consumption are foundational to all data & analytics strategies

Data on Cloud / EDW to Cloud

Improved security, flexibility, and mobility, while significantly reducing cost, we help organizations effectively plan, migrate, and manage data in the Cloud and hybrid environments

Data Analysis & Preparation

Inspect, clean, transform, and prepare data in an efficient and scalable way to create trusted, analytic ready data

Data & Analytics Engineering

Model data in a way that empowers end-users to answer key business questions, build dashboards and reporting, and carry out exploratory analysis

Metadata Management

Establish policies and processes that ensure information can be integrated, accessed, shared, linked, analyzed, and maintained to the best effect across the organization

Master Data Management

Ensure uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency, trust, and accountability of shared master data assets

Data Quality Management

Implement a set of best practices that drive a high quality of information from ingestion and storage to analysis and distribution with the end goal of enabling trusted analytic ready data

Data Management Operating Model

Provide a holistic operating model that facilitates the availability and effective use of data across all Business and IT stakeholders and 3rd parties

Data Science Platform

Build and run predictive models and deliver them via infrastructure automation and collaboration

Data Science Experimentation & Prototyping

Plan, design and iterate quickly using our proven modern experiment-based methodology

Advanced Analytics Operating Model

Harmonize the people, process, and technology to ensure seamless execution, adoption, and scaling of advanced analytics across the enterprise

Advanced Analytics and M/L Framework Integration

Define machine learning models in a precise, transparent, and concise way, using industry leading components optimized for your business

AI/ML Use Case Operationalization

Implement the right platform to efficiently operationalize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use cases, with customized health triggers for the AI/ML models, allowing your production team to see what’s working and what isn’t

Model Management Ops & Knowledge Management Process

Consistently and safely develop, validate, deliver, and monitor models that create competitive advantage, while creating a knowledge base to institutionalize and scale data science work across the enterprise

Business Intelligence & Analytics Self Service

Provide the on-demand visualization and reporting capabilities necessary to effectively enable data analysis and stakeholder-specific communication and storytelling

Our TeamMeet the Mission Driven People of Curate Insights

Together we are a team of strategists, creators, architects, engineers, and change agents motivated by exceeding clients’ expectations and creating social value through all of our successes, learnings, and experiences to help enable analytics for the greater good of the world.

Dan Foley
Founder & CEO

Dan Foley is an innovative business leader with a proven track record of building successful tech and human capital businesses for the last 25+ years. Having....Read More

John Edmonds
Co-Founder & COO

John is the Co-Founder and COO of Curate Insights. John is focused on managing the firm’s day-to-day activities, go to market strategies, business developm....Read More

Ron Fuccillo
Chief Financial Officer

Ron Fuccillo is the Chief Financial Officer of Curate Insights. In his role, Ron has led Curate Insights’ finances and corporate operations to sustain expo....Read More

Andre Chapman
Chief Talent Partner

Andre is Managing Director and Chief Talent Partner here at Curate Insights. He is focused on building a world-class professional services organization throu....Read More

Allison Murphy
Managing Director, Life Sciences

Allison is Managing Director of Life Sciences at Curate Insights. Allison is a pediatric nurse by training and has over twenty-five years of experience and p....Read More

Natasha Thomas
Diversity Business Partner

Natasha Thomas is a passionate Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) business professional who cares deeply about redefining the workplace. Her work in....Read More

Jess Rousseau
Marketing & Digital Partner

Jess is a self-motivated Marketing Professional powered by ideation, creativity and community. With 7+ years in Marketing working across various industries, ....Read More

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