Deposits Data Product for a Large Financial Institution

Deposits Data Product for a Large Financial Institution

A phased implementation of a Deposits Data Product.


A large banking institution undergoing acquisition struggling with data consolidation, lack of reporting self-service and uncoordinated ownership of end-to-end data sourcing. Curate Insights led the phased implementation of a Deposits Data Product:

✓   Set a strategy for data product creation, maintenance, and usage

   Design a Target State Architecture

  Launch contemporary BI practices with the Deposits Data Product, delivered through Power BI

   Operationalize a transformed Operating Model to sustain Data Product Management.




Establish Consolidated Data Product Analytics Program & Oversight Team


Stand up Reference Architecture & Engineer the Deposits Data Product


Introduce Contemporary BI Tools and Best Practices


Finalize & Operationalize Data & Analytics Operating Model



✓   Reintegrated Architecture for Consolidated Deposit Reporting Sourcing

  Data Ownership Roles, Responsibilities & Interactions Model, proven through delivery of the use case

  Analytics dashboard template accelerated turnaround & time-to-market by over 50%

  Multiple self-service customizable analytic dimensions available as part of the Data Product capabilities

  Next phase implementation of Trust in Deposits & Liquidities Data Products


Bank Executive Dashboard

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